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            School Profile   School Values
            School News School Events
            The Star of Chongwen
            Ge Jinze

            Bian Yougang

               Bian Yougang is an outgoing and positive boy from Class Six, Grade Six of Chong Wen Experimental School. He loves his class ...

            A Saying A Week

            Diligence is the mother of good luck.

            School News >>MORE
            Children's Day 2018/6/25
            What is mathematics? 2018/6/15
            Spring Holiday comes! 2018/5/2
            Drama Night 2018/5/2
            Ohlone Elementary School visit... 2018/4/20
            Better Technology Better Life 2018/4/3
            Learn From Lei Feng Day 2018/3/6
            School Events >>MORE
            The Opening Ceremony of Pro Bono Summer Camp
            The 3rd English Festival of Chongwen is coming
            The 2016 Graduation Ceremony of Chongwen Experimental School
            The summer camp is coming
            The announcement of transfer students for the Fall 2016 semester
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